Temaki sushi

<Basic information>

・Serving size:1 person
・Preparation time:30 minutes


1 go rice (1go: approx)150g(:180ml)
25ml/1go rice vinegar
1 big spoon sugar
1 small spoon salt
3 sheets of roast seaweed

Favorite materials as you like!
ex)Sashimi as you like (Tuna, salmon, squid, scallop and porgy etc)
ex)Cucumber (Cut into strips)



1. Make mixed vineger.
Put rice vinegar, sugar and salt into a small pan, when boiled, melt sugar and salt, turn off the heat.

2. Make sushi rice.
Add vinegar to cooked rice, and mix in cutting in. And then remove the remained heat.

3. Prepare favorite materials.
In order to eat sashimi easily, cut into strips.
(Recommended to prepare thick omlet or salmon roe etc in addition to above examples)

4. Start to roll!
Put sushi rice on square-cut seaweed. After put favorite materials, roll it.


<Cooking point>

In Japan, it is a popular party menu which we eat on a celebration occasion or family gathering.
Since you eat as you like, plase gather with many people and enjoy various materials.


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