Fresh vs stamina! Japanese Iftar themed recipe

In the Ramadan period, once a year, meal after sunset is called Iftar.

Since people spend the daytime not to drink nor eat, the stomach is empty and the throat is thirsty at the time to start meal.

Also, as they need to have meal at the amount of 1 day within a limited time, it is required to prepare quick cooking and to be high nutritious.

Now HALAL RECIPES JAPAN developed Japanese Iftar themed recipes to cook fast and suit for hot summer!

For Iftar cooking at home, please refer to these recipes for a hot season.

Heal hotness♪ Recipe for fresh meal



Tuna salad udon

The one to enjoy swallowness of udon when udon pass through the throat in eating udon. Add mayonnaise and feel body. You can have vegetables.

Please refer to “Tuna salad udon”≫


Tofu shiratama with black sesame sauce

The healthy dessert using tofu instead of water. By eating tofu, why don’t you take vitamin B1, isoflavone and protein well?!

Please refer to “Tofu shiratama with black sesame sauce”≫


Green Smoothie

An easy recipe to cut ingredients and toss in the blender. In making the throat moist, why don’t you take nutrients such as food fiber and vitamin etc.

Please refer to “Green Smoothie”≫


Squid & chinese radish mayonnaise

The one to apply a feature of Japanese kewpie mayonnaise which has acid and fresh taste!

Add grated radish and cucumbers and please try it.

Please refer to “Squid&chinese radish with mayonnaise” ≫


Overcome hotness!Stamina recipe



Lemon chiken

Cut, cook and boil in mixing, only! The addictive taste one, being popular among children.

Please refer to “Lemon chicken”≫


Non fried crispy chicken

If you use a Teflon coated fry pan, you can cook fried chicken quickly and healthy! Recommended for cooking time reduction in hot summer.

Please refer to “Non fried crispy chicken”≫



Bitter gourd chanpuru with beef

Local meal in Okinawa prefecture. Vitamin C including in bitter gourd is the strongest in vegetables against heat and has 5 times vitamin C more than that of a tomato! A measure against summer heat or for the beauty skin effect.

Please refer to “Bitter gourd chanpuru with beef”≫

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