The event report for “Tsukimi Dango Party” in Karaoke Manekineko!

On Saturday, 24th September, 2016, we held the 6th Muslim friendly cooking event, co-hosted by Yotsuya 3 chome shop, Karaoke Honpo Manekineko where acquired the only halal certification in karaoke shops of Japan, and HALAL RECIPES JAPAN!


On occasion of “Otsukimi” (Viewing the moon in fall), we have prepared the programs that attendees made the popular menus, Dango by themselves, on that day.

Muslim women who loves Dango participate in a lot!


First, they mix Dango dumpling flour and water and make balls.

Then boil Dango dumpling and put them into cold water.


Put on their favorite sweet paste like Kinako, Mitarashi (sweet soy sauce) , Anko (sweet bean paste) ,


and finished!!!



The Dango taste was really delicious!! We all enjoyed eating Dango dumpling and spent a wonderful time together.


We keep to hold Japanese cuisine cooking event , and to share with participants as for what we can enjoy eating the same meal all together, regardless of religious, borders, sex and the age, if we have right knowledge and some arrangements.

Thank you very much for joining this event!

(Writer:Mai Hieda, CEO)

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