We will exhibit for the first time at HALAL EXPO JAPAN 2016 (Nov.22-23)

HALAL RECIPES JAPAN  (Tsutau Co. Ltd.,) will exhibit for the first time at HALAL EXPO JAPAN 2016 on November 22 and 23 at Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Taito-kan.

The theme of EXPO is “HALAL FOR ALL”. Inbound service provider in Japan and Halal-related companies from all over the world will assemble in Asakusa.

HALAL RECIPES JAPAN will exhibit the booth for the first time and will sell the original halal sweets as a special project in addition to introduction of past activities and announcement of new services.


HALAL RECIPES JAPAN × Bunkyo Univ. Kasaoka seminal
“Cat Hand Stamp Madeleine” (Matcha/Cacao/Strawberry) EXPO limited release

We developed Madeleine with Kasaoka seminar, a recipe development partner, because there is a few baked sweets in Japan that Muslim people can eat with confidence.

It is a low calorie and healthy Halal sweet using Halal certification brown rice oil from Oryza Oil Co.Ltd. Also it does not use any animal-derived foods.


In addition, we offered Prof. Atsushi Okuda, the professor of Keio University School of Policy Studies,the responsible of SFC Islam Research and Laboratory, to cooperate and check the ingredients.

The design motif is the paw of animal “cat” familiar to Muslim people. In order not to give misunderstandings to foreigners, naming is not “paws”, but it is made by fighting the paws to emphasize cats.


One bag contains three cocoa, Matcha, Strawberry three flavors of Madeleine, and it is planned to sell for 300 yen.

Our booth will locate on 4th floor and the booth number is 426.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our booth.




■Olyza Co. HALAL certified brown rice oil


■Keio University SFC Prof. Atsushi OKUDA Labo





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