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We herewith introduce team members in HALAL RECIPES JAPAN.



A responsible person of this website operations・In charge of recipe devepment : Mai Hieda

HALAL Japanese cuisine specialist.


Started to work at Rakuten, Inc, in 2003. Been in charge of planning, framing and implementation of a website strategy planning, focused on children goods in Rakuten Ichiba for approx 12 years. Also, acquired to take childcare leave for the first time in new graduate workers of the company and kicked off a mother worker carrier as the pionner of working mothers.

When visited the first-ever, HALAL EXPO JAPAN in November 2014, got impacted that there were muslims who were concerned about food in Japan and decided to start the own business, “I would like to work for a support for Muslims who are concerned about food”. At the same time as the resignation in July 2015, established TSUTAU Co. Ltd. Been growing up two daughters of elementary school students at the moment. Being concous of not only actions for HALAL, but also dietary education, been studying health recipes, “Easy to cook by eaven a busy mother.” “Not relying on chemical seasoners possibly.” “Using seasonal food.”.

Here is Mai’s recipe list >>

Here is TSUTAU Co. Ltd.>>



Recipe development・Allergy labelling supervisor : Seiichi Kasaoka

Professor, Faculty of Health and Dietitian at Bukyo University

PhD, RD (National Registered Dietitian)
・Master of Food Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture.
・Researcher of Food and Health Institute, Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (Current, Astellas Pharma Inc.)
・Lecturer at Bunkyo University
・Guest research at National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA
He start “Halal” research after living with an American Muslim friend in 2008.
Published many books such as “Honest anatomia of very popular gourment (published by Shibata shoten).
Many TV apprearance such as “Clinic where you can find a home doctor”.

Official website  >>




In charge of recipe development: Manami Nonaka / National registered dietitian

Managial dietitian. Had more than 20 years carrier and conduct making recipes and cooking in consideration with healthy daily in the first line. Specialized in macrobiotics. Been valued seasonal food and Japanese traditional ceremony food. A mother has raised a son of a high school student currently.

Here is a list of Manami, Managial dietitian.>>


In charge of recipe development: COSMO

Natural food coordinator. Professor, senchado, shofuseisha.

After learned cooking basics in basic cource at Akahori nutrition colleage, got an assistant producet at BS broadcasting. Worked as  Mrs. model, and a nursing assistante at orthopedic surgery for 10 years. Likes to acquire licenses in all areas. Acquired a natural food coordinator in a correspondence course of Nihon sougei gakuin. Originally, being intersted in food due to healthy minded.

Here is Cosmo’s list.>>




Adviser : Dainari Goka

A shop owner at a long established Sano ramen shop, “Nikkoken”, where was established in 1948 (23th of showa period), and has been loved in Sano city, Tochigi prefecture.

Made a comback for traditional Sano ramen taste which failed as a last owner transferred the business into a western food shop. Feature firm and curly homemade noodle and clear soup. There are many fans of not only local people, Muslims, but also show biz people due to the taste and an owner’s character.

After there was a trigger when an owner met a Muslim friend who met through cricket ten years ago and would like to think that an owner cook dishes for them, started to learn halal food which Muslims can eat. Recently, an owner is a pionner for Muslims actions in Japan, such as consulting of menu development for Muslims with many restaurants or institutes such as SEKAI CAFE Asakusa or Kanda University of International studies.

Here is the menu development support business by Tsutau co. Ltd. x Nikkoken>>

Here is an official website of Nikkoken. >>




Adviser : MD. Jahangir Mujahed

CEO, the Italian casual dining restaurant “Pran Pone”. A Bangladesh Muslim, lived in Japan for 30 years, and a veteran Italian chef more than 20 years career. According to his hard experience about food in Japan, had been cooking safety, delicious and healthy HALAL food for both of Japanese and Muslim.

His homemade hamburger got a gold award in the Washoku (Japanese-style recipe) category of the “7th Soy sauce recipe & story contest” sponsored by Japan Soy-sauce Brewers’ Association and NHK.

There are many fans of not only local people but also Muslims due to an owner’s friendly character.

Pran Pone official Facebook >>


Eriko Ayesha Khan

The responsible of Crossbridge

In the late 90’s, to marry with Pakistani husband and became Muslims.
The years of more than 15 years, bother, learn and adjust in life between the unique Japanese way of thinking, the culture and customs, and the Islamic way of thinking, the culture and customs. A mother of 1 girl and 2 boys.

While performing a service to comprehensively produce the women entrepreneurs, it decided that “taking advantage of the experience and knowledge as a Muslim, tell the day-to-day complaints, to act in order to obtain the understanding.” Start the bridge of the business between Islamic and Japan, the [Crossbridge] in 2016 .

Free to choose, anywhere comfortable, there is no thing to put up. Description is also not required, without prejudice, never to worry about. Very, very normally, live in Japan! It is the concept. In the future, I have dreamed of going connect the muslimah and women entrepreneurs.

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